Year 6 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2019: –Year 6 Curriculum Overview


In the run up to SATs week, (13th may) year 6 will be doing plenty of preparation to ensure we are ready and able to do our best. Here are some websites that can help with revision.



Year 6 in SATs revision club trying to solve the clues to escape from the library!

World Book Day inspired the children to write extracts about their favourite characters.



Year 6’s Gustav Eiffel inspired building competition.


Re-creating pieces of art in the style of Paul Cezanne for ‘An Eiffel of Art‘ week





December 2018

Year 6 leading the ‘atmospheric’ Christingle service.

Year 6 learnt a great deal at the recycling plant about what happens to our waste and how important it is to recycle.

They also reused materials that cannot be recycled to create their own bags.


Have a go at some of the recycling games on this site


Fun and games

Year six have been working hard, getting fit and having fun by completing the daily mile.






Year 6 Autumn Term 2018


Welcome back. Are we ready for all the challenges of Year 6?



Image result for circulatory system

This term we will be investigating the workings of the human body – (blood, guts and gory bits and particularly the circulatory system)  We will also be looking at diet and exercise and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We will be getting fit by completing our daily mile.



Image result for vicious vikings

For our history topic we will be looking at The Vikings – It’s time to sail back to a Vicious Viking time and discover the foul facts, including Viking gods in wedding dresses, fearsome seafaring warriors, their big shields and enormous ginger beards.


We will also be taking a trip to Viridor recycling plant to find out about what happens to our waste and how to look after our world.

We promise – it won’t be rubbish! Image result for emoji laughing


Please bring trainers on a Wednesday for P.E. Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back on the following Wednesday.


Please ensure that your child is practising their timetables as they are vital to many aspects of maths in year 6.

Even though your child is in year 6, it is still extremely beneficial to listen to them read and they need to be reading everyday.