Year 2 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2019:-Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Summer Term

Welcome back after the Easter holidays. We have a very busy half term in which we will be completing KS1 SAT’s (Statutory Testing).

All the tests will be completed in the month of May. (See information leaflet for parents, for more details)



Overview of the Summer term’s learning

Our overall topic is called ‘Do we like to be beside the seaside?’. It is mainly based on History and Geography themes. Also we are learning about…

Science – Feeding and Exercise.


History – The Victorian Seaside.

               Isombard Kingdom Brunel.

Geography – 7 continents / 5 oceans.

                     U.K, geography – countries and capitals / human and physical landmarks.



RE – Ascension and Pentecost.

         The Church.

Art – Sketch / paint / draw – seaside.

        Portaits – Isombard Kingdom Brunel.

        Photography – seaside.

Design Technology – Food technology.


ICT – Photography.

Music – Friendship Songs.

          Reflect, Replay and Rewind.

PSHCE / SRE – My Friends amd Family.

                          Healthy Bodies and Minds.

Experiences – Seaside Visits.

Photo Gallery – Spring Term

ICT – Stop Motion Videos


















Art – Fruity Art – Arcimboldo




English – World Book Day 

Maths – Using Numicon Adding

Music – Glockenspiels – Playing ‘I wanna play in a band’ – Charanga Scheme

Science – Visit to the Manchester Museum about Living things, Dinosaurs and Fossils

Spring Term 2019

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all.

We are looking forward to a busy action packed Spring term.  Our topic is called “Amazing living things” which will be Science based, learning about humans, plants, animals and life processes.  Other subjects include:-

History – Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon

Art – Artist appreciation, Arcimboldo

Geography – Features of the physical world around us and maps and atlases.

Maths – Times tables (2x/5x/10x), division facts and measurement.

English – Poetry and non-chronological reports

These are a few of the activities we will be doing.  If you would like anymore details – just ask.

P.E continues as usual on Mondays.

Just to let you know, Year 2 will be doing a class assembly on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 9.00am in the school hall.  It would be lovely if you could come to watch us. It should last about 10 minutes.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Seigne and Miss Stennett

Autumn Term 2

Class Messages:

*Please can you ensure that you write your child’s name inside their jumpers, cardigans and coats. This is VITAL if you don’t want your child to lose them!

*Just a reminder that children must have trainers or P.E. pumps for their P.E. lesson on Monday afternoons. Also tracksuits or leggings/tops can be brought for colder weathers.

*Please make sure your child completes their homework in pencil and returns it by Wednesday every week for marking. New homework will be given out every Friday.

*Reading books – children who regularly read and change their book are making great progress. Please ensure you hear your child read, sign the reading diary and add any comments as often as possible.

We have continued this half term with our topic of Investigating Interesting India.

The children have enjoyed learning about Diwali in R.E. and Geography. We loved tasting new foods at our Diwali party.


In Design and Technology we have made a clay Diva lamp for the Hindu festival of light – Diwali.


In Science we have learnt about Materials and their properties. Our favourite investigation was a challenge “Can we make a nappy to keep a baby dry?” We investigated which materials were absorbent and waterproof. We had lots of fun!

Year 2 took part in a very moving Remembrance day service with the rest of the school. We learnt and recited our class poem – Respect, a poem of Remembrance. The children also made these very effective poppy wreathes.


In English we have been writing instructions. We wrote a set of clear instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. We then made one and ate it!


We have learnt about fractions, telling the time and doubling and halving in Maths. We still have adding, subtracting, using money and multiplication to come.

Still to come this half term we:

We will be learning about Mother Teresa in History, the Christmas Nativity story in R.E, and Rangoli patterns in Art.

As you can see we have been very busy. The children are working very hard and enjoying learning.

As always, if you need to ask any questions or need to speak to us our door is always open.

Thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Seigne and Miss Stennett

Year 2 Autumn Term Overview

Welcome to a new year full of learning and exciting activities.

We have all settled into our new year 2 classroom and are learning new rules and expectations. In PSHCE we are working on a unit called “Our Happy School” and we want this to be the case for everyone. Our core Christian value for year 2 is Respect.

Here in year 2 we have a very busy term ahead of us. We’d like to let you know about our main topics so you can support us and discuss your child’s learning at home.

We have a super new topic called “Investigating interesting India”. We will be finding out all about India, it’s people, customs and beliefs. We will do lots of cross curricular work and hopefully enjoy researching all about India. 

In English, we will be focusing on sentence writing, spelling key words and handwriting. Reading is still vitally important in year 2. Please hear your child read as often as possible and sign the diary so we can change books.

In Maths we are adding and subtracting, ordering and writing number words.

Science this half term is “Use of materials”. Children have already sorted everyday materials and investigated their properties. We will also be taking part in so fun, hands on Science experiments.

 In Geography we will be learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans and directional skills.

We will also be learning about special books and the Bible in R.E.

Outdoor P.E. is every Monday. Please remember trainers/pumps are needed every week.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Seigne and Miss Stennett