Year 3

Autumn Term 2019

Important Dates (25/02/19 – 05/04/19)

25/02/19: Back to School

07/03/19: World Book Day

18/03/19: Assessment Week – Please ensure your child is in school everyday please.

05/04/19: School Closes for Easter Holidays

Class Messages

04/02/19: The PFC Football Training After School Club for KS2 starts tomorrow at 3:15pm. Children must bring in their own sports clothes and sensible footwear to participate. Children will not be able to use their school PE kits for this club. Please let us know if you do not wish to take your place, as we have lots of children on the waiting list. Thank you.

31/01/19: Letters have been sent home this afternoon regarding the PFC Football Training After School Club. The letters have only been sent home to those children who have received a place. The After School Club begins on Tuesday 5th February at 3:15pm and ends at 4:15pm. Children must bring their own sports clothes in along with sensible footwear. If you do not wish to take your place, please can you let Mrs Harrison know so the place can be passed onto the next person on the waiting list? Thank you.

24/01/19: Please can you let us know if you do not wish to have your child’s photographs published on the school website? We still have a number of core consent forms that haven’t been completed since starting Year 3 in September. Thank you 🙂

21/01/19: We are looking forward to seeing all of the children’s Egyptian Projects this week. We are allowing an extra day for homework to be completed this week. All homeworks are due in by Thursday 24th January 2019 at the very latest. We will be posting photographs of everyone’s work so you can take a look at them at home too.

07/01/19: Just a reminder that children must have trainers or PE pumps for their PE lesson on a Monday morning. PE kits are supplied by the school, but you may wish to bring in a pair of tracksuit bottoms or long sleeved t-shirt for colder weather.

Homework (Friday 8th March 2019)

All homework is due in by Wednesday 13th March 2019

Main Homework:

Times Tables: Please practice your 2’s, 5’s and 10’s before moving onto 3’s, 4’s, 6’s and 8’s. You can even challenge yourself to your 7’s 9’s, 11’s and 12’s! (We know some children have a little trick to help them with their nine times tables.)

Reading Book: Please try to change your book at least once a week. This must be signed by an adult and placed in the red basket in our class library. Reading books will only be changed if they have been signed by somebody at home.

Important Information

PE: Outdoor PE lessons take place on a Monday morning with our specialist Manchester City coach, Connor. Our indoor PE lessons take place on a Thursday afternoon with Miss Parr. Please ensure your child has a pair of trainers or PE pumps in school. PE kits including a pair of shorts and a t-shirt are supplied by the school. However, in colder weather, you may wish to supply a pair of jogging bottoms.

Homework: Homework is sent home on Fridays. All homework books are expected to be returned to school by the following Wednesday at the very latest. We also encourage children to have their reading book signed each night and change their reading book at least once a week.

Reading Books: Reading books must be signed and dated by a parent before they are changed by ourselves. Children should aim to read for 5 minutes a night. If your child’s reading book needs to be changed, we ask them to place it into a red basket as they enter the classroom each morning.

School Diaries: We ask that children bring in their school diary and reading book every day. Children are given the opportunity to read and use their diaries during the school day.

Water Bottles: Water bottles are supplied by the school. They are filled up each morning by our water bottle monitors and are washed and sterilised on a Friday afternoon.

Bug Club, Education City & Times Tables Rockstars: You can find the login details for these websites in the back of your child’s school diary. If you are having any trouble with passwords or logging on, please let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

This half term in Year 3:

English: Report Writing and Editing Using ICT

(Cross-Curricular Ancient Egypt)

This half term, the children will be focusing on Report Writing. We will be looking at the features of reports and their importance.

The children will be learning about Ancient Egypt through their cross-curricular topic lessons and will use this knowledge to write their very own reports.

Once our reports are complete, we will be using ICT to edit and improve our reports – learning how to use the spellchecker and adding images from Google.

Maths: Abacus Scheme of Work

The focus for this half term will be shape, space and measure. We will continue to work on multiplication, division, addition and subtration using word problems.

We will be following the Abacus scheme of work.

Times Tables

Children are encouraged to practice their times tables – especially their 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s, before moving onto 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. You could help your child by encouraging them to rapidly recall these facts regularly.

Your child also has a login for Times Tables Rockstars at the back of their reading diary.

PE: Indoor: Dance & Circuit Training

Outdoor: We will be working with our specialist Manchester City coach, Connor, learning the skills for a number of invasion games and learning to be a good team player.

Please can you ensure that your child has a pair of trainers or PE pumps in school especially for Monday’s lesson.

Topic: Ancient Egypt

We will begin our topic lessons by discussing what we already know about Ancient Egypt and what we would like to learn during this term.

Our learning will include:

  • The importance of the River Nile
  • Pyramids and Tombs
  • What an Egyptian Home looked like
  • Hieroglyphics – the Egyptian alphabet
  • Mummification
  • Ancient Gods and their importance to the Egyptians
  • Who was Tutankhamun?

Science: What Plants Need

In Science, we are learning about what plants need. This is a continuation from our visit on the 5th December 2018 to Warwick Road Playing Fields where we planted trees.

We will make comparisions to what ourselves and plants need to stay healthy.

Geography: Egypt

Geography will be taught through our Ancient Egypt topic.

We will be locating the countries that surround Egypt and comparing Egypt to the UK.

Art & DT: Our Art and DT lessons will be focussed around this term’s topic lessons. This term we will be:

  • Cartouche Painting – Writing our name using Hieroglyphics
  • Designing a coffin mask (death mask) and a sarcophagus
  • An Egyptian portrait – using photography, oil pastels and mosaic pieces.

Towards the end of term, there will be a French & Art themed week. We will be looking at the work of a French artist and creating our own masterpieces in the style of…

We will upload some of the art work to our class page. Our art work will be on display during this term’s Parent’s Evening.

RE: Jesus The Man Who Changed Lives

We will be exploring some key questions through discussion.

  • What does change mean?
  • How can our lives be changed?
  • Is it easy to change?
  • How did Jesus change lives?
  • When did/does Jesus change lives?
  • What happens when Jesus changes a person’s life?

We will research inspirational people who have been influenced by Jesus and made big changes to their lives for the good of others.

Music: Recorders

In Music this term we will be learning how to play the recorder with our music teacher, Mrs Compston.

The children will be begin by learning a variety of notes and where they are positioned on the stave.

The children will learn how to play in unison and how to maintain their part within a round. They will also begin to read simple music from the stave.

We will also be following our school music syllabus, Charanga.

 PSHCE: My Happy Mind

This term all children will be provided with their own personal My Happy Mind booklet. Children will participate in a range of activities both within the booklet and online. (Logins to follow.)

The “meet your brain” module is all about how your brain works and how you can help it to be at its very best.

Computing: Microsoft Powerpoint

On Tuesday afternoons, we will be working with Miss Powell to develop our ICT skills. We will learn how to use a variety of software both on laptops and iPads. This half term we will be creating a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation all about Ancient Egypt.

We will also continue to work on Scratch to improve our Simple Animation skills.

Proof Reading & Editing

During our English and Topic lessons, we will be using ICT to proof read and edit our work. We will be using Microsoft Word to do this. We will continue to look at changing fonts, colours of texts and using suitable font sizes. We will learn how to save our work effectively so it’s easy to locate and print out.

Children must ensure they have their school diaries everyday as they contain your child’s logins for some of the software we use.

Picture Gallery

07/03/19 – World Book Day: We are so proud of the children in Year 3 today. Everybody made a fantastic effort to make their book characters come to life! We had lots of students from Hogwarts (including Miss Pointon!), Where’s Wally?, Alice In Wonderland, Gangsta Granny, Verucca Salt, The Queen’s Guard, Mary Poppins, Superman and even a real life Crayola Green Crayon (Miss Parr)!

We had lots of activities to complete in class including creating our very own “The Day The Year 3 Crayons Quit”, discussing our characters, sharing stories, colouring competitions and a live link lesson to save some authors by being detectives. Here are some photographs of the day:

01/03/19: Today, as part of our Maths lesson, we all headed down to the main playground. We had to complete a “Human Bar Chart” and a Venn Diagram. Our “Human Bar Chart” topic was birthdays and the Venn Diagrams included brothers and sisters. We answered lots of questions whilst taking part in the activities.

26/02/19: This half term we will be focussing on our Science Topic “What Plants Need”. We have shared our prior knowledge and recorded questions that we would like to research.

Our learning this half term will include:

– Identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers

– Asking relevant questions and using different types of scientific enquiries to answer them

– Investigating the way in which water is transported within plants

– Exploring the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.

15/02/19: We decided to go out for our PE lesson this morning and what a perfect morning it was! We had a range of activities to choose from which included football with Mrs Holt’s son, skipping with Miss Pointon and Miss Kemp or individual activities such as hoola-hooping, balancing and skipping with Miss Parr. We had lots of fun moving around the activities. A big THANK YOU to Mrs Holt’s son, Alfie, for guiding the children through a warm up and refereeing the game. Here are a few pictures…

(More to follow soon)

14/02/19: This afternoon Miss Pointon took 6 children to Charlestown Community Primary School in Blackley to take part in an Art afternoon. Mrs Fox chose 3 children from Year 3 and 3 children from Year 4 to join in with the activities. The children had a wide range of resources to choose from and lots of inspiration around the room. The children had lots of fun creating their individual pieces of art. The children also received a challenge throughout the afternoon. They were a pleasure to take on the trip and the staff from the school commented on how well-mannered and polite the children were. We will send the children home with their pieces once they are dry and dropped off at our school. Take a look through our photos below.

13/02/19: This week we are taking part in lots of French activities.

Today we created our masterpieces after looking at some examples of a French artist’s work. We used a selection of resources including photographs of ourselves, neon paints, cray pas, paint brushes, cotton buds, glue spreaders and straws. We also listened to some French background music as we worked.

On Friday, we will be dressing up as famous French people, an Artist or in the colours of the french flag. We will also be having a French school dinner.

Here we are creating our very own pieces of Art inspired by the French artist Seaty.

“Seaty is an artist born in 1983 in the South of France. He was part of the Toulouse graffiti scene in the early 2000’s where he started writing tags on walls when he was still a child.

Starting 2008, he decided to give a new direction to his graffiti works and started to paint on canvas, developping his technique, without ever taking drawing or painting classes. His work evolved but the codes of urban culture are still there. Seaty wants to share with the viewers his vision of urban art, his emotions and experiences.

Today, after a 15-year artistic career, having built his street art practice, Seaty continues to represent the movement with passion and creativity.”

We will upload our finished pieces later on in the week.

08/02/19: Today we had the opportunity to play a variety of maths games including “Highest Wins!”, “Beetle”, Three In A Row and Rocket Race. We had lots of fun working with different partners and exploring all of the games on offer.

07/02/19: Here we are taking part in our PE lessons with Miss Parr. We have loved taking part in our Circuit Training sessions on a Thursday afternoon during this half term. Each week we have added new challenging stations.

05/02/19: We have had a lovely morning celebrating Chinese New Year. We looked at the story of The Zodiac Signs and retold it in our own words. Once we had finished, we had the opportunity to make Chinese fortune tellers and Chinese dragons whilst listening to some Chinese music. We will also have some Chinese New Year maths problems to solve tomorrow morning. The children have all enjoyed making some Chinese New Year crafts to take home with them.  Gung hay fat choy!

01/02/19: Here we are painting our wonderful Canopic Jars. We used lots of bright colours and metallic paints before finishing off with a coating of PVA glue. You will be able to see all of our pieces of art at Parents Evening. We will allow the children to take these home at the end of our Topic lessons (around Easter time).

25/01/19: This afternoon, we created our very own Canopic Jars. We used clay, rolling pins and a variety of tools to create and design them. We had lots of fun!

Canopic Jars were used during Ancient Egypt times to store the organs of dead people who were being mummified.

Did you know that a hook was used to remove the brain?

The four jars were:
  • Imsety had a human head and carried and protected the liver.
  • Qebehsenuf had a falcon’s head and carried and protected the intestines.
  • Hapy had the head of a baboon and carried and protected the lungs.
  • Duamatef had the head of a jackal and carried and protected the stomach.

We will spend next Friday afternoon painting our jars using gold, silver and bronze paint and an assortment of brightly coloured paints. We will upload more photos once they are completed next week.

Week Beginning 21/01/19: Our Egyptian projects are absolutely WONDERFUL! We are so proud of all the children who have completed their homework this week. We cannot believe the amount of work that has been put into them. They have all been displayed outside the Year 3 Classroom and we will be showing the whole school during Friday’s celebration assembly. A big THANK YOU to all of our parents are carers for your support with our projects. Take a look at everybody’s work below:

21/01/19: Our Egyptian Portrait display is now complete. We had lots of fun creating them. Can you guess who’s who?

We are looking forward to adding all of the wonderful Egyptian projects that the children have been working on to our “working” display. The work we have received so far is AMAZING!

18/01/19: This afternoon, the other half of the class took part in the Ancient Egyptian Portrait activity. We looked at some examples of other children’s work both online and on our class display board. We spoke about the types of clothing and jewellery that Ancient Egyptians wore. We used our photographs, cray pas, mosaic pieces in various colours and PVA glue to complete our pieces of art. We had a very crafty afternoon!

11/01/19: This afternoon, half of the class took part in an Egyptian Portrait activity. Miss Pointon took individual photographs of everybody in the class. We then looked at some examples of other children’s work online. We spoke about the types of clothing and jewellery that Ancient Egyptians wore. We used our photographs, cray pas, mosaic pieces in various colours and PVA glue to complete our pieces of art. We had so much fun!

The other children will take part in this activity next Friday. We will upload a photograph of the display once it is complete.

10/01/19: This morning, during Maths, Blue Group worked with Miss Kemp to create 2D shapes using lolly sticks. They talked about the number of sides each shape had. We have been working very hard to name our 2D shapes and will continue to work on this throughout the school year. You could help your child by practicing this at home too.

21/12/18: Today, we had a very special visitor – Santa Claus! He came during our party games to check that we all had been good throughout the year. We really enjoyed playing Pin the Nose on the Rudolph and Pass the Parcel. We also had party time in the hall with Year 4 and party food at lunch time.

19/12/18: This afternoon we all made a Christingle so we were prepared for our Christingle Service. We discussed what each part represents. We all had an orange, a candle, a piece of foil, 4 cocktail sticks, marshmallows and midget gems. Can you remember what each part represents?

18/12/18: Our Year 3 & Year 4 Babuska Production – Thank you to everybody who came to support us! Here are just a few snapshots from the play. Miss Pointon was able to film some of the scenes and we will be able to play these in class. All of our hard work has paid off and our teachers think we are FANTASTIC! We look forward to next year’s production.

05/12/18: This morning, we went to Warwick Road Playing Fields to plant some trees. We learnt how to use a shovel and the correct way to plant a tree. We worked in pairs to plant as many trees as we possibly could! Despite the bad weather, we all worked really hard to complete the task in hand. Well done, Year 3!

09/11/18: We spent today remembering those who died and fought in World War 1, World War 2 and other wars around the world. We also remembered those who are special to us and may no longer be with us. This morning, we sang a song during the school Remembrance Service. When we returned to class, we took it in turns to fill out Our Class Remembrance Book. During the afternoon, we spent time making our own poppies, poppy wreaths, medals and poems. We had lots of colouring pages to choose from too!

02/11/18: Today, we took part in a Shadow Experiment. We worked in partners or small groups, to draw around each other using chalk. We made sure we had plenty of space on the playground and that that our shadow could be seen on the floor. We found out that our shadows change position throughout the day depending on where the sun is positioned.

27/09/18: East Lancs. Railway

20/09/18: This afternoon, as part of our Science lesson, we created our very own shadow puppets. We had a range of cats, dogs, dinosaurs, crabs, parrots, turtles and spiders! We look forward to going into the hall to conduct our very first Science experiment! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

12/09/18: Today we had a visitor who came in to discuss the importance and the benefits of recycling. We worked in groups to sort out where our rubbish should go. We discussed what went into grey bins, blue bins, brown bins and green bins. Quiz your children to see if they can remember where the items should go 🙂

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Parr, Miss Pointon and Miss Kemp