Here in Year 2 we have a very busy term ahead of us. This is our schedule:-

Could I survive on a desert island? (Spring 1)

Who lives in a house like this?

(Spring 2)


During our English lessons we will be exploring the books ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ by Gareth Edwards and ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey. We will be writing Instructions Descriptive pieces, Shape poems, Stories with familiar settings and an Author Study. We will continue to learn about different spellings, grammar and punctuation. There will also be a focus on editing and improving our own writing.


We use a scheme of work called Abacus. This term we will be adding and subtracting larger, two-digit numbers, rounding to the nearest 10 and finding change. We will also be revisiting, shape, partitioning and time. Furthermore we will be learning about fractions, halving and doubling larger numbers, matching numbers to their word name, multiplication (long and short), solving word problems, measure and finally, finding the inverse (opposites).


This term year 2 will be exploring ‘Feeding and Exercising’ and ‘Habitats’. Our Habitats topic will link with a Non-Chronological Report on Mini-Beasts in English.


Year 2 will be learning all about ‘Special Books’ such as; The Bible, The Torah and The Q’uaran. They will also research and learn about ‘Easter’. This will have a focus on The Easter Story and its symbols.

History and Geography

For ‘Could I survive on a desert island?’ year 2 will be researching physical and human features on an island, following keys/mapping skills and compass points.

For ‘Who lives in a house like this?’ we will looking at where we live, the locations of the four capitals and countries with Britain, the Seven Continents and five Oceans.

Art and Design

We will be researching the Artist, Arcimbodo and how he used fruit to create portraits.

Also, we will be using the Alisa Black’s work to draw and paint, using mixed media including collage.

Design and Technology

To tie in with our topic, year 2 will be creating, making and tasting a fruit salad.


E-Safety and Publishing.


Here at St. Wilfrid’s we use a programme called Charanga. We will be using the Glockenspiel and will follow the theme of ‘I wanna play in a band!’


This term there will be a focus on Gymnastics, Circuit Training, balancing and sequencing. Also we will be making an emphasis on dance, using a winter theme with warm-up activities, movement skills and mindfulness. The aim is to achieve engagement, co-operation within a group and show increasing control over movement.

Mrs Singh, Miss Stennett and Miss Kemp