Reception Spring Term Overview

In Reception we have been reading the book series ‘Supertato.’ We have enjoyed finding out how Supertato constantly defeats Evil Pea. We have been writing story maps to help us retell the story of ‘Supertato’ this term. During our challenges we have made Evil Pea’s lair, our very own Supertatoes, we have made wanted posters and designed new super vegetables.

Evil Pea has tried to trick us many times as he has muddled up our sentences. We worked hard with Miss Smith to rearrange them and he has also been tying up some vegetables in class. We have even had to free some vegetables outside that were trapped in ice.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed studying superheroes. The topic will continue next term as we look at healthy eating and what a superhero needs to eat to be strong and healthy.

In maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We are now able to match shapes together, name our 2D and 3D shapes, talk about their properties and sort them into different categories using a venn diagram.

Here are some examples of the work we have been doing:




Our New Friends

On Monday we had the arrival of eight eggs in an incubator. Since then we have been very excited and have been watching the eggs closely. On Wednesday seven eggs had hatched and our new friends are seven noisy chicks! Unfortunately one egg never hatched and we did feel quite sad. However we absolutely love our seven new friends and we love to watch their every move. We are definitely enjoying them being in our class. Therefore we are learning everything about chicks this half term. We are chick experts!
We have already been busy writing and labelling the life cycle of a chicken, doing observational drawings of the eggs using charcoal and labelling our newborn chicks. We have lots more eggciting and eggcellent work to come.

Last term, we were learning all about dinosaurs as I’m sure you heard all about it as we found foot prints in our classroom along with two large eggs. We were very curious and soon we discovered footage of a T-Rex breaking into our classroom. Since then we worked tirelessly to find out everything about dinosaurs which can be seen in the Reception gallery. In the pictures you can see that we have used a variety of different materials to make different pictures, we have written a story about a dinosaur coming to class and other sentences that match our pictures. We have also ordered the dinosaurs in size order and we have created pictures of dinosaurs using 2D shapes. We have also made fossils using dinosaur toys and clay, we have made dinosaur eyes also using clay and we have done lots more. More importantly we had lots of fun whilst we were doing it!



Miss Smith and Miss Lawson