Monday 11th January 2021

Please find attached some RE work for your child, there are some lovely activities that they will be able to do at home. Worship 2 Go Spring Wk 2- Snow


Thursday 7th January 2021

Thank you for your support and understanding during this week.  Please note that week 2 work will be set on Google Classroom at the end of this week ready to commence learning on Monday 11th January 2021. Please see your child’s class information below for the Week 2 Overview. If you are struggling to access the online learning platforms please make sure you contact us for a paper-based home learning pack which you can come and collect.  Each week’s learning pack is a copy of the online resources so that all our children are following the same syllabus in whatever format you find most suitable for you.  Please also remember the time specified on the timetables is only a guide for you, we do not expect you to be rigid or put additional pressure on yourselves to fulfil this, just find a time most convenient to you and your child.  Remember we are here to help and advise.

Monday 4th January 2021

Please follow the links below that relate to your child’s class.  All work has been uploaded to Google Classroom and as you will see below there are some helpful user guides if you are having any difficulties.  Please also note you can email your child’s class teacher directly if you have any problems.  If you do not have access to a computer or the internet please let us know and we may be able to provide an alternative.

Other Online Learning Platforms


BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons:-

Active Learn

Purple Mash –

Education City –

TTRockstars –     Please note you will need to create an account but this is free and you will not be charged

Nursery: Please see Learning Book and Google Classroom for week 2 resources 11th January 2021

Please see Learning Book for further learning resources and Jack & the Beanstalk Story

Nursery Weekly Overview week 2 11.01.2021

Nursery Class Week 1 Home Learning

Nursery Playdough Activity

Email Mrs West –


Reception: Please see Learning Book and Google Classroom for week 2 resources 11th January 2021

Please follow these links for Story Time-

Reception Week 1 Home Learning

Reception Activities Week 1

Email Mr Kennedy –


Year one: Please see Google Classroom for week 2 learning timetable 11th January 2021

Year 1 Week Overview 04.01.2021

Email Mrs Leiner-Parry –


Year two:

Year 2 weekly timetable for the week beginning 11.01.2021

Year 2 weekly timetable for the week beginning 04.01.2001 

Email Mrs Seigne –


Year three:

Year 3 weekly timetable week 2 11.01.2021

Year 3 weekly timetable week 1 04.01.2021

Email Miss Parr –


Year four:

Week 2  11.01.2021 Home Learning 

Week 1 04.01.2021 Home Learning 

Email Miss Pickup –


Year five:

Year 5 weekly overview week 2 beginning Monday 11th January 2020

Year 5 Weekly Overview week 1 beginning 4th January 2021

Email Mrs Staton –


Year six:

Year 6 Weekly Overview week 2 11.1.2021

Year 6 Weekly Overview week 1 04.01.2021

Email Mr Coats –


Friday 11th December 2020

Your children will have come home tonight with their Google Classroom Login and Password.  Please have a look at the letter and we have attached a helpful Parent Guide to help you access these resources should your child’s class bubble shut in the New Year.  If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Google Classroom Letter issued 11.12.2020

Parents Guide to Google Classroom



Sunday 21st June 2020

The teachers at St Wilfrid’s have been putting together some videos sharing their love of reading with you. These are some of our much loved books read especially for you, to you and we hope you will enjoy listening or reading along with us.  Keep your eyes open as we will keep adding more as they are created.



Wednesday 10th June 2020

Here are some great home learning science experiments that Mrs Staton would love you all to try at home: Science activities to do at home STEM learning


Tuesday 12th May 2020

Year 5

Young Leader Award – please follow the link provided by Miss Newton to support home learning.  This additional work will support your journey to receiving the award.


Monday 4th May 2020

Would you like to support your child’s home learning through fun, creative activities and link with other parents to share your successes and challenges in this difficult period.
Due to the Coronavirus, we’ll be unable to deliver Family Learning sessions in schools and Children’s Centres this term.  Instead we’re offering a number of online workshops for you and your children.
Please use the link below to register your interest in any, or all, of theses workshops covering Science, Parenting, Maths and English Games, Crafts with your Children and Wellbeing For the Family


Saturday 2nd May 2020

Nursery Summer Term Newsletter from Mrs Taylor, Miss Baillie and Miss Beswick

Reception Summer Term Newsletter From Mr Kennedy and Mrs Goodwin

Year 1 Summer Term Newsletter from Miss Leiner-Parry and Miss Lawson

Year 2 Summer Term Newsletter from Mrs Seigne and Miss Stennett

Year 3 Summer Term Newsletter from Miss Parr and Miss Pointon

Year 4 Summer Term Newsletter from Miss Pickup, Mrs Kennedy and Miss Kemp

Year 5 Summer Term Newsletter from Mrs Staton and Mrs Bulwich

Year 6 Summer Term Newsletter from Mr Coats and Mrs Instone


Friday 1st May 2020

How to explain to children about Coronavirus


Tuesday 28th April 2020 – Competition

Fsedesign is looking for students to design a banner which thanks and shows support to the NHS and key workers, for their dedication and hard work during this pandemic.

They will pick 5 winners, who will have their artwork recreated by their talented designers and printed on to a big 3x1m banner for you to proudly attach to our school gates!

To enter, our children simply need to take a photograph of their completed worksheet and email it to alongside their full name, age and details of their school.

Please download a copy of the worksheet Banner_Competition worksheet Don’t worry if you do not have access to a printer at home you can just use a piece of paper to draw your design on, take a picture and ask your parents to email it to the address above.  Remember the closing date is 5 pm on Friday 8th May 2020. Good luck.


Monday 27th April 2020 – Geography and History

Imagining History – 

Miss Newton has looked at some interesting topics your child can follow at home.  Please click the following link and work through all the episodes on the page

Digimaps –   

Please follow the links and work through all the resources, children can write notes to share with us their accomplishments, what they have discovered and what they enjoyed learning the most.


Young Leaders – 

Creative and fun resources to try at home exploring how you can be Young Leaders during this challenging time and beyond.
Learn, reflect, create and share with others.  Be the change you want to see! ‍(Please help young people to stay safe while using them.)


Monday 20th April 2020

The BBC has worked alongside educationalists to develop this fantastic learning platform to help support our children during the school closures.  There are plenty of online lessons, activities and games for your son/daughter to enjoy and learn from.  All the resources available help support our curriculum in school and your child will benefit from joining in with these activities as they will keep their minds active and enable them to settle back into the learning environment when we return to school.  If you do not have access to the internet remember you can follow all the lessons by pressing your RED button on your television.

Plan your homeschooling with Bitesize Daily by following the link –

Early years resources for learning at home –


20th April 2020 – Online Learning

Active Learn

Purple Mash –

Education City –

TTRockstars –

EYFS Tapestry –