School Policies

The School Policies can now be downloaded by clicking the link.

If you require a printed copy, please contact the school office for this.


Policies 2020/2021

SW Pupil_Remote Learning Policy V2 01.01,2021

SW_Data_Protection Policy_v3 January 2021

SW_Relationships & Health Education Policy 2.11.2020

SW_Child_Protection and Safeguarding Policy Revised 28.09.2020

SW_Behaviour Policy 05.10.2020

SW_SEND Policy 2019 V2

SW_Home School Agreement 2019-2020


Packed Lunch policy for parents

SW_Allergies Policy October 2019

SW_Asthma Policy 01.09.2019

SW_DBS Policy October 2019


SW_Safer_Recruitment Policy_October 2019

SW_Child_Protection and Safeguarding Policy Revised 28.09.2020

SW – Child-Friendly-Child-Protection-Policy Sept 2019

SW_Equality Policy 01.10.2019


SW_Policy_Charging_and_Remissions 09.10.2019

SW-Complaints Procedure 09.10.2019

SW_School Development Plan 2019-2020

SW_Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 2019

SW_Freedom of Information Policy April 2019 Revised

SW_ Whistleblowing Policy 2019


Additional Policies & Information Available: – please note a number of policies are currently being updated

Administration of Medicines Policy

Attendance Policy for Parents Booklet

School Attendance Policy – Manchester City Council

Risk Assessment Policy



The following forms can be downloaded and either emailed back to school or printed off and sent to the school office.

Permission to Administer Medicine