Welcome to the wonderful world of maths. Whether you like it or loath it – it is a vital part of life.

Here at St-Wilfrid’s we try to instil a great mathematical grounding, which the children can build upon, and need your support from home.

For younger children, it is extremely valuable to count with your child. Things like singing songs, number hunting when out and about, counting shopping items, counting money etc gives them a good start in maths.

As they get older you can help them by getting them to tell the time, involving them in shopping and helping them practise their times tables.

The times tables are vitally important and children benefit massively by being able to recall all of the times tables facts up to 12 x12 – including the division facts.

i.e 4 x 5 = 20       so       20 ÷ 5 = 4

Children should know all of these by year 4 and the government are introducing a national on-line test for all 8 and 9 year old pupils.



There are a number of websites that can be very beneficial to your child and help them with their maths skills.

Log on to TT Rockstars to practise times tables


Topmarks is a great site for a variety of games for all ages




Oxford Owl has some good games and activities



Maths is fun explains maths in easy to understand language. Plus puzzles, games, worksheets and an illustrated dictionary. It is invaluable for children, parents –and even teachers!