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Digimaps –    

Please follow the links and work through all the resources, children can write notes to share with us their accomplishments, what they have discovered and what they enjoyed learning the most. https://dfsresources.edina.ac.uk/resources/subject/primary-87


Young Leaders – 

Creative and fun resources to try at home exploring how you can be Young Leaders during this challenging time and beyond.
Learn, reflect, create and share with others.  Be the change you want to see! ‍(Please help young people to stay safe while using them.)






We want our children to develop curiosity and a desire to investigate their world and learn the skills to continue to be outside of school and into adulthood.  We endeavour to provide a stimulating, engaging and challenging curriculum and learning environment as well as encouraging our children to follow and investigate their own interests. We want our children to develop a sound geographical knowledge starting with the United Kingdom and branching out to the world; the continents, countries, main physical features and human landmarks. Our curriculum intends to develop geographical skills; map reading, using ordnance survey maps, using atlases and understanding geographical data and terminology.


We have designed our curriculum to fully cover the national curriculum and its expectations with discrete geography units. We ensure our children develop ‘sticky knowledge’ by making links to previous learning and building on existing skills. We develop geographical skills through practical and digital map making and field work and to make pupils environmentally and geographically aware at a local, regional and global level. This builds to increase our pupils’ awareness and knowledge of other cultures.

Our curriculum is designed to ‘wow’ and engage our pupils and to include all children whatever their needs. Access to online resource, special visitors and educational visits, ‘bring the learning to life’ for our children and enhance the learning experience.



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