Reading is at the heart of all learning and we place a great deal of importance on children learning the skills of reading as well as developing a love for reading. 


We run daily guided reading sessions in every class that help children develop many different aspects of reading. The skills of reading involves word recognition but also understanding what is being read, this is called comprehension.  


During English lessons we teach children a range of strategies to help them read words but also how to understand the meaning, We also have separate inference lessons, this is where children are taught how to look for meaning through the authors use of language. Teachers ask lots of questions to help develop your children’s understanding. Find below a link to each year group. These links will show you a range of questions that you can use at home when reading with your child as well as giving you an idea about what we do in school.


Year 1 Questions

Year 2 Questions

Year 3 Questions

Year 4 Questions

Year 5 Questions

Year 6 Questions


Reading is such a key skill and we hope the information above helps support you when reading at home with your child. If you have any questions about reading at home with your child please contact your child’s class teacher.


This reading ladder shows progression in the reading curriculum :- St Wilfrid’s Reading-progression-


Helping your child at home with their reading



We have an ‘active learn’ account for every child to access their BUG CLUB. On their bug club page they will find a number of books that have been chosen by your child’s class teacher so they will be at the right reading level for your child. For each book you read you will find a number of activities and games for you to enjoy too. Follow the link below and log in to start the fun !


If you have misplaced your child’s log in details please just ask your child’s class teacher.


Here are some suggested reading lists for you to enjoy with your child at home.




What a fantastic day we all had for World Book Day ! We had an Alice and Wonderland tea party for lunch, lots of book related activities in classrooms and a wonderful whole school assembly to look at each others costumes and choose our winners from each class.




Our wonderful staff, as always, joined in the fun too !


Central library visit with our school librarians.

Tuesday 4th February 2020.


On a slightly wet and windy Tuesday morning we braved the cold and traveled to Manchester on the Metrolink. For some children this was their first time on the metrolink and very exciting 🙂 Once we got to Manchester we spent some time looking at the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst and talking about suffragettes.



We had such a wonderful time when Jodie showed us around at central library. We started on the top floor and the librarians really enjoyed looking at all the reference books and the photographs of all the famous people linked to Manchester. We worked our way around the library looking at EVERYTHING ! Jodie even took us behind the scenes to a room which stored lots of older books. We were shown the special room where you had to sit if you wanted to look at old or precious books. We enjoyed the interactive displays and spent quite a bit of time in the beautiful reading room.



We all thanked Jodie very much for her wonderful tour and for the kind gifts. We have a few ideas that we are going to try to use in our library. We will let you know how we get on with our plan.

Our next journey, with the librarians, will be to visit John Rylands Library in Manchester.

We can’t wait !

Year 4 and Year 5 have an author event with Matt Haig next month and Year 6 will be taking part in a Shakespeare event too – so we have lots planned to promote our LOVE of reading here at St WIlfrid’s.











What a fun and fantastic morning we had this morning !

Thank you to all the parents that attended the beginning of our reading detectives workshop we have the next six weeks to discover who stole the precious scarab beetle. I’m sure that your detective teams will do a great job. Here are some photos from this morning. We are running this project every Friday morning with the final workshop being on the 18th May – so make sure you come along to as many as you can !






Yet ANOTHER fun and fantastic morning we have had !


We are half way through our reading detectives workshop. The children and their detective teams are doing a fantastic job looking at evidence and are starting to predict who they think committed the robbery.



We had a great time investigating the evidence we have so far, we found information on the museum’s website and our local PCSO’s came in to collect descriptions of the four suspects and the stolen Scarab Beetle. The children gave lots of help and the descriptions were very informative.


Well done everybody, I know we are going to solve this crime !

We will see you all next time.

Thank you for everybody’s support – Captain Clarke.


As well as solving this crime the teachers were set a little detective task all of their own, as the parents joined forces to hide items around the classroom.

We are pleased to announce the teachers rose to the challenge and were very kindly rewarded with a yummy treat ! Thank you detectives.



A little sad today as this was our final session together but we did it….. we solved the crime !


With all your hard work, reading the evidence and finding out who stole the precious scarab beetle the suspect was arrested by the police this morning.

We learnt about Bias in newspaper reports and decided on the guilty persons consequence too – restorative justice, they have to clean the museum from top to bottom !

We had a visit to the police van to see what it looks like inside and try out some of the police equipment too – everybody had a great morning.

We finished the morning with juice and treats followed by an awards ceremony where all detectives were presented with medals and certificates from our fabulous Police Officers and PCSO’s. Thank you to them for coming and spending the morning with us.

WELL DONE EVERYBODY – until next time. Many thanks from Captain Clarke.

Have a look at some of the fun we got up to this morning.



Poetry week assembly 

We have had a fantastic assembly this morning.

Every class from Nursery through to Year 6 have stood up and performed some poetry for us today. We’ve had fantastic rhymes and songs from EYFS,  they have had chicks hatching in Early Years this week and they sang all about the chicks. Year 1 wrote list poems of what they found in the fairy godmothers bag ! Year 2 have been reading and writing poems about holidays and did a calligram poem for us. Year 3 chose poems that made them laugh – they made me chuckle too 🙂 Year 4 have clearly been enjoying the work they have been doing about the industrial revolution and shared three poems with us this morning. Year 5 have been exploring a range of poems and chose some of their favourites and Year 6 wrote a class poem about courage and performed that for us.

What a fantastic morning, everybody has worked so hard and the poems the children have written and performed were AMAZING ! Well done everybody.