At St Wilfrid’s Primary School we have a skills-based curriculum which ensures the national curriculum requirements are met. We know and understand our children and families in Newton Heath and listen to their voices. We have created a curriculum that encourages children to be enthusiastic and engaged with English. We want our children to have a positive attitude towards communication and to be able to independently express their emotions and their ideas. We want them to have a command of the spoken language which will feed through into their written work. Through our English curriculum we strive to teach children how important their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be in the real world. We want children to love reading and understand the value of English to them now, and in their futures.

We have broken down our English implementation into the key areas of reading, writing, spelling, phonics and handwriting.

We teach an English lesson and a phonics lesson daily. Grammar, handwriting and spelling are taught through our English cycle.


St Wilfrid’s English year group overview, 2020:

English Curriculum Overview 2020

English Curriculum Document


National Curriculum Expectations

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year 6 grid