Our computing curriculum aims to arm children with the knowledge to become socially responsible digital citizens. We want children to recognise that technology can support and enhance many different aspects of life and learning. We also aim to make children aware that as participants in the digital world, being digitally literate gives huge advantages to many (arguably all!) future workplaces. We want children to have strong knowledge of the principles of computation and digital systems in order to apply this knowledge when programming.

We aim to give children a wide variety of experiences using different programmes. We want children to be able to creatively use their computational thinking to solve problems and develop their understanding of the world around them.

We hope to combine the aspects of computing knowledge and the application of this through information technology to show children the transformative power of technology. It is also essential that children know how to keep safe when using technology in order for them to delve into the digital world safely and responsibly.


We recognise the ever-increasing importance of digital literacy and the strong need to prepare children to become versatile and independent users of technology.




At St-Wilfrids we are currently teaching discrete computing lessons using a combination of activities from Education City as well as some separate lessons using online programmes such as ‘hour of code’. We are currently trialling some new schemes in order to find one that suits our school and our children best.  We also make sure that computing is linked to a variety of other subjects helping children to recognise when digital systems can be utilised to improve learning. From photography to Excel children are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge. We will also have an e-safety day on the 14th February.




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