Curriculum Overview Year 5 Autumn Term 2019:- Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term 2019

We had a fantastic trip to Chester Zoo in early December which was a very rewarding experience.  The staff from Chester Zoo had been working with us  at school for four weeks prior to our visit as part of the “Wildlife Connections” project.  Our help in the project will enable the zoo to create safe spaces for the precious wildlife.  The things we have learnt will also help us protect our wildlife for future generations and we joined in with some very interesting activities and watched the zoo rangers at work too.  All the children in Year 1 through to Year 6 have also be given a FREE ticket so our families can go along to Chester Zoo and enjoy a great day out together.



Summer Term 2019

1 May 2019 – Manchester Dogs Home Visit

Year 5 are doing their Young Leaders Award run by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust. As part of the award, the children have to undertake challenges.

The children chose the challenge to donate to charity. As a class they set to work to decide which charity to donate to.

They researched lots of charities and investigated how they could donate.

The children presented their findings to the class and then they all voted for their favourite charity.

Manchester Dogs Home won.

We found out that there was a charity shop in Harpurhey, so the children decided to collect items to donate to the shop.

After that, the class voted who would go to the charity shop with Miss Newton to deliver the items and Frankie, Alfie and Joe were the three winners.

We met Bernie, who runs the shop and her helpers Darren and Jean (who is 81 and still working hard!!)

Here are a few photos.

 Outside the shop in Harpurhey


  1.  Here’s Bernie with the boys!








 Here’s Darren another volunteer.




   And finally, here is Jean, 81 years young.


We all had a lovely time meeting the volunteers at the Manchester Dogs Home charity shop.


This half term Year 5 are going to be doing a lot of work around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will link our work to this text.

In geography we will be looking at where cocoa beans come from and the origins of chocolate, we will also look at Fair Trade as well as map work.

In History we will look at the history of chocolate.

In Art and Design we will be making chocolate treats and packaging.

In science we will be looking at properties of materials. Also we will look at life cycles.

In maths we will be covering fractions and different methods of multiplying and dividing.

Year 5 will also be taking part in the Young Leaders Award with Miss Newton.  They will be completing this during this term.

In English we will do some descriptive writing around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We will look at the life of Roald Dahl and biographies and auto biographies.


Here are some photos from topics we covered last half term:-

Year 5 taught Year 2 how to use their robots


We made clay runes, painted them and made necklaces with them. This linked to our Anglo Saxons topic.


We used our robots to play football

Spring Term 2019

On Monday 25th March we were programming our robots with one of the coaches from Manchester City Football Club

On Friday 22 March the children went out litter picking in the local area as part of their Young Leaders Award here are some of their hard work.

We have made Chinese lanterns in RE and found out all about Chinese New Year and the lantern festival. Here are some of our lanterns.


In Year 5 this half term we are making robots with a visitor from Manchester City this will take six weeks and we are having lots of fun.


The week beginning the 11 February 2019 we are holding an Art and French themes week called Eiffel of Art.  All children will be taking part in various activities.


In science we are looking at materials and separating mixtures.  We have been investigating dissolving and separating.  The children made up their own dissolving investigations to check variables such as water temperatures and water with different liquids.  Here are some of the photographs of our investigations and results.






We are covering Anglo-Saxons this term.  We have already looked at Kennings in English which are a type of Anglo-Saxon poetry.


This half term we will be covering place value, decimals, mental strategies, problem solving and lots of other things.


We will be covering poetry and comprehension this term. The children have been writing their own Kennings.


Year 5 Autumn Term

Welcome back everyone.

This half term we are finding out about Ancient Greeks. We will be including myths and learning about how life was in ancient times.  We will be having a food tasting session and making our own Greek vases with clay.



In this term we will be covering lots of topics:-

  • Time,
  • Perimeter,
  • Mental methods for working out.

It is important that Year 5 continue to practice their times tables at home and we would welcome our parents/carers supporting their child with this.