Year 4 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2019:- Year 4 Curriculum Overview (1)


28th of November 2018

Here are some pictures from our amazing day out at Ribchester Roman Museum!


































Friday 5th October 2018

Year 4 were very pleased to be invited to Brookdale View Residential Home on Averil Street to perform our Harvest Festival Show. We had an amazing time and even had a little sing with the residents as they’d practised some songs for us to join in with! The residents enjoyed it so much they’ve asked if we could come back again sometime and do another performance.



Year 4 Autumn term overview


Welcome to Year 4!

Here in Year 4 we are looking forward to our first term of learning as there is so much to do!

We have already started our topic work on the beautiful country of Italy. During our time exploring Italy we will be looking at where Italy is in the world, who its neighbours are and how its climate differs from ours. Our geography skills have been working overtime! We have discovered many different cities in Italy and how some of them are famous around the world! This has helped us when researching tourist spots, which we will be using to help us plan and make a tourist brochure to entice others to visit Italy. Lastly, and one everyone is looking forward too, we will be designing and making our very own pizzas in food technology! Yummy!

Following on from our exploration of Italy we will be learning about the Romans. This is a very exciting time for us as we will be taking a class trip to a Roman Museum and a Roman bath in Ribchester. Whilst here for the day, we will get the opportunity to find out about how the Romans impacted on Britain and see many amazing artefacts. A few children will also have the opportunity to dress up as a Roman Solider in chain mail armour! As part of our history into the Romans we’ll be using our art skills to create some colourful and intricate mosaics.

For our PSHCE lessons this term we are looking at Being Happy! We will be discussing our feelings and emotions and how to support each other during challenging times.

Our R.E. lessons are going to be about Christianity and Judaism. Once again we will have an opportunity to have another class trip, this time to a synagogue. We will also be learning all about Christmas and the Harvest Festival. This knowledge of the Harvest Festival will  help guide us when it comes to us planning and delivering our class assembly which you will be invited to!


Miss Pickup and Miss Baillie