Spring 2019

Happy New Year!!

Each half term in Nursery, we use a book that we think the children will enjoy to hook them into learning. Through the book we extend their vocabulary, practise lots of important skills and generally widen their experience.

The story we are using this half term is Monkey and Me written by Emily Gravett.


Everyone loves this story. We have been getting to know the characters by painting our favourites.


We have been moving in lots of different ways like the different animals in the story.

We will be creating our own story maps and will even add new animals to see.

We are also going to change the main character. Maybe Monster and Me will go to scare some animals!

At home you could create more versions with different animals to see. Maybe you could use the internet to find some unusual animals. You could watch how they move on YouTube and have a go at copying their movements.



This term we will be embarking on a new approach to teaching maths in Nursery. Each week we are going to be exploring just one number, but will explore the number of the week in great detail in order to give the children an in depth understanding of everything to do with that number. This week we have been exploring number one. We are using the popular programme Numberblocks as a starting point and will base many activities around this series.




As well as watching the number one episode of Numberblocks, we have made “one” puppets, practised formation, and also explored linked vocabulary such as “alone”, “lonely” and “unique”. To support this we read a story called Cuddly Dudley about a penguin who loves to be alone.

We will also be linking shape work by investigating linked shapes- i.e when studying number one we will explore circles (1 sided shape), 2 will lead to work around semi-circles (2 sided shape) which in turn will lead to exploring curved and straight lines, and when focusing on 3 we will explore triangles.

As we explore more numbers, we will be able to explore concepts such as tall and short, more and fewer, and simple addition including problem solving and reasoning (e.g “Which Numberblocks could join together and be the same size as 5?”)

We are confident that this very thorough way of learning will enable the children to really master a wide range of concepts in a very systematic way. If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Letters and Sounds

Our main focus this half term will be on rhyme and alliteration (words that begin with the same sound).

We would really appreciate your support in these areas. You could

  • Sing and chant lots of nursery rhymes and really emphasise the rhyming words.
  • Play around with some rhymes – Humpty Dumpty sat on a chair, Humpty Dumpty brushed his…Humpty Dumpty sat on a box, Humpty Dumpty saw a …Humpty Dumpty sat on a bed, Humpty Dumpty bumped his…etc etc
  • Read lots of rhyming books. Julia Donaldson is a great author who writes in rhyme.
  • Play rhyme and draw – “I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with hat,It has long whiskers can you draw a …I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with frog, It says woof woof and it is a …I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with soon

    It comes out at night can you draw the…

  • Online games http://www.literactive.com/Download/live.asp?swf=story_files/washing_line_rhyme_US.swf
  • Play I-spy
  •  Make collections of objects that begin with the same sound, e.g. – scissors, soap, screw, socks, spider


If you would like any advice regarding supporting your child at home, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Many thanks for your continued support


Mrs Taylor, Miss Beswick and Miss Smith