School Council

As a School Council we meet on a regular basis. We have started a range of projects. We have designed our playground and decided which Playground Markings to purchase. As a school we waste so much paper, that we have decided to work towards the Eco-Schools Award. This has involved doing a whole school audit, then improving on our current practice to save energy. We are introducing re-cycling across the school and designing our own waste bins. We have even designed our own notices which we have displayed around school. We are committed to improving our environment and have asked for the Wild Area to be re-designed. We have even been planting around the school ground.


Year 1  – Joshua and Raeyn

Year 2 – Eddie and Esther

Year 3 – Malaki and Ameila

Year 4 – Jack and Finley

Year 5  – Logan and Poppy

Year 6 – Anthony and Iliendy