Be Ready


One of our school rules is to Be ready, what does that mean to us ?


Being ready means we are ready to listen. This means listening to all members of our school, our teachers, children and visitors all have an equal right to be listened to and respected.

Being ready means we are ready to learn. This means we have a good breakfast to fill us up for the day. We arrive to school on time at 8.55am. We have completed all homework and bring in our bags and books. We are ready to do PE with our trainers and any other equipment needed for special days and trips. We are in our school uniform ready to be part of St Wilfrid’s. We are ready to take on the challenges of the school day, to grab any opportunity for learning that comes our way

Being ready means we are ready to be a good friend to all. We work together and play with each other. We listen to others views and accept we are all different and can all have our own opinions but all get on.