Be Respectful


One of our school rules is to Be respectful, what does that mean to us ?


Being respectful means we are polite to each other. We listen when other people are talking. We have a positive attitude towards ourselves and others.

Being respectful means we treat other people the way we want to be treated ourselves. We want to be listened to and have our ideas taken into account. We know that to respect somebody is to listen to their ideas and beliefs and respect them. It is ok to not agree with everybody all the time but we show respect by accepting we are all different and that’s ok.

Being respectful means we look after our environment. We take care of our belonging sand the school. We don’t throw litter and tidy up after ourselves. We look after our books and our equipment.

To show respect we are kind and helpful. We listen carefully and quietly and follow instructions. We use our manners to show respect to each other.