Be Safe


One of our rules, here at St Wilfrid’s, is to BE SAFE.


We expect that children behave in a way that keeps themselves and others safe. We know that when children feel safe and secure they make good progress in their learning and they are happy.


We provide a safe place for them to learn and we carry out risk assessments for all our trips, visits and activities.


We teach them how to get along with each other and how to deal with disagreements in a safe and effective way.


To help the children make good choices about safety we include learning about this in the curriculum.


Here are some examples of ways we teach about safety.


Online safety

Stranger danger.

Road safety

Swimming lessons

Anti-bullying lessons and activities.

Bikeright (Cycling safely on the road)

Fire safety (Evacuating the building and visits from the fire service around bonfire night)

We use the NSPCC and books and stories to help the children learn how to keep themselves safe from abuse.


We have trained first-aiders on site at all times and inform parents of any accidents their children may have.