Cheeky Chicks!

The children were very gentle and showed lots of care and concern when they handled the chicks today. They also laughed lots at the chicks’ antics when they attempted to escape. The children shared their knowledge with each other and asked lots of great questions. There are lots of lovely videos on YouTube about chicks hatching, some of them in natural environments with the mother hen. Maybe you could watch a couple with your child and talk about the differences. Maybe you could use the internet and books to find out about other animals that hatch from eggs.



Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken!!

This half term we have a new book as a hook, linked to some very special visitors that arrived on Monday.





This is our new text…

and here are our visitors…

The children have been super excited and have been so engaged in watching new life literally unfold before their eyes. They have given each other and staff a running commentary on what is happening in the incubator from minute to minute and have asked some brilliant questions already.

We’ve already harnessed the children’s excitement and engagement to support them in achieving next steps in their learning. We have conducted an egg check, counting how many eggs and how many chicks as the eggs have hatched. We have watched the changes as the chicks have dried out and found their feet, then as they have started to feed, and talked about the technology used to keep them warm. We’ve created some lovely chick puppets which we have photographed and next week we will write labels to describe the chicks.

Next week, when the chicks are a little older (and a little sturdier!) we are going to support the children in handling the chicks, so keep checking into Tapestry and our website page for photos! 

This half term we are also joining in with The Poetry Parade, which will be a fun afternoon of poems performed by a company of actors. I’m sure this will inspire the children and we are going to perform a poem ourselves for the rest of the school next week (it might just be on the theme of chicks and chickens!)


Super Writers

In the first half of the summer term our book as a hook was The Train Ride


We did some fantastic pieces of writing which are displayed near your child’s group time area so please have a look. Here are a few examples.



Welcome to Nursery!!

Each half term in Nursery, we use a book that we think the children will enjoy to hook them into learning. Through the book we extend their vocabulary, practise lots of important skills and generally widen their experience.

The story we are using this half term is Monkey and Me written by Emily Gravett.


Everyone loves this story. We have been getting to know the characters by painting our favourites. Look at our brilliant writing!






We have been moving in lots of different ways like the different animals in the story.

We have created our own story maps and even added new animals to see.


We have made some shape animals on the light table too!

Next we are going to change the main character. Maybe Monster and Me will go to scare some animals!

At home you could create more versions with different animals to see. Maybe you could use the internet to find some unusual animals. You could watch how they move on YouTube and have a go at copying their movements.

 We have been learning about shape and are going to use different shapes to create an animal silhouette. Perhaps you could help with shape by;

  • Going on a shape hunt – cut a circle, square, triangle and rectangle out of old card, give them to your child and see if they can find different things around the house to match it.
  • Use the card shapes to play What’s Missing? Put out the card shapes in a line. Take it in turns to hide a shape while the “detective” has their eyes closed. Can you work out which is missing?
  • Describe a shape for your child to work out which shape you are talking about. Use words like straight, curved, long, short, corners, sides.
  • This game on the internet(tablet friendly) is really great for creating pictures and seeing how shapes can fit together. There are lots of opportunities to chat about shape.


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Beswick



 World Book Day




From pirates, Paw Patrol and princesses, to Coraline and Cat in the Hat, we all had great fun on World Book Day (even though it was delayed by the snowy weather!)

We had a day filled with lots of favourite stories and rhymes. We talked about the characters we were dressed as and showed off our costumes in a special assembly.

Individual photographs of the children have now been published on Tapestry. If you do not yet have a Tapestry account or your invitation has expired, please come and see one of the nursery staff and we will send an activation email so that you can keep in touch with everything your child is doing at school.


Some Useful Websites

Below are some websites that you may find useful in helping you to support your child at home. Many of the sites have tablet friendly games and versions too.

Top Marks is a site that has a number of games that especially support your child’s maths skills. Many of the games are tablet friendly.

 Phonics Play have a number of free games that do not require subscription and will support your child in developing early phonic skills.

Teach Your Monster to Read is a brilliant, award winning platform game that again will support your child to progress in reading. It is free and has a tablet version. We have used this site at school and the children absolutely love it.

This is a You Tube video that shows parents the best way to pronounce phonemes to support children to blend words.

What to Expect When is a parent’s guide to how your child is learning and developing during their first five years. You can download a free copy and find out about the skills that we focus on in both Nursery and Reception. This is a great, easy to read, jargon free version.


Rainbow Snow!

Foundation took advantage of the surprise weekend fall of snow to engage in some spontaneous learning. We improved our finger strength using syringes and pipettes to add paint to the snow and talked about how the colours changed in the snow. We felt the snow and talked about the texture. We collaborated to build a snow mountain, used different things to make marks, discussed who could have made the bigger footprints and practised our name writing. We learn best when we are having fun!